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Photography is something that I have always loved without even knowing it. I used to sit in my bedroom floor and sift through my parent's old polaroids for hours -- so fascinated that they had all of these little moments frozen in time. To this day, my favorite polaroids are the one's that were unplanned; the one's where they are looking at each other and laughing. The real emotion in those old photos brings them to life.

Which brings me to my mission in photography. Let's be REAL. We will have so much fun during your session. We will laugh and dance, and spin in circles. I want my photos to tell your story - LOUD & CLEAR.

Photos by Alli Elle Photos




I am a wife to my sweet husband & mama to a baby boy. They make my world go around. I'm a chaser of the sunshine & love everything about the summer (except the bugs.) I love long weekend vacas, good Chattanooga eats, & the Caribbean. My two Labrador retrievers, Oakley & Waylon, fill my home with endless kisses and dog hair. I love Jesus S'much & always try to give all the glory to Him.

I started this business on a whim four years ago and never (ever) thought it would be what it is today. I spent year one learning the ropes, taking as many photos as I possibly could, & building a brand. The next two, I focused on my niche and dialed in on shooting couples and weddings. I absolutely love getting to be apart of those special days. This year, I have taken a small break from my photography to settle into motherhood. I have opened a small studio space near home, and am very excited for the future of Alli Elle Photos. I'm working hard to fill my books back up with your smiling faces. I just feel truly blessed.

My heart is so, so happy shooting these sessions that are packed full of love, laughter, and giggles.

I'm so lucky that all of my clients (turned friends) continue to make my little dream possible.

P.S. I'm always down for tacos!.

-Alli Elle


photos by alliellephotos

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